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Christina's Catches

A few years ago the bass bug bit me and I've been hooked ever since.   I'm a self-taught angler and I believe that's where I throw the fish off.   It's a challenge outsmarting these big fish and their fight is addicting.   I've worked hard studying these fish and on a kayak, you're right there with them in their world.  There's nothing else like having one of these big girls pull you and your kayak around.  It's a battle I seek and one I'm getting better at every time I'm on the water!  I release all bass in hopes that another angler can catch them too!  

large mouth bass kayak fishing arizona tour guide

4.3 lbs

5.3 lbs - 22.5"

7.0 lbs - 22"

6 lbs - 24 "

6.3 lbs

6.3 lbs - 23 "

10.5 lbs - 26" - Personal Best!

4.5 lbs

5.10 lbs

6.1 lbs

5.7 lbs*

4.5 lbs

4.1 lbs

4.9 lbs

4.1 lbs


Best 1-day total

100+ inches

4 lbs

4.4 lbs*

4.1 lbs - 19.5"

5 lbs

4.4 lbs*

5.7 lbs*

4.5 lbs*

4.1 lbs

4.3 lbs*

5.4 lb*

4.5 lbs - 19.5"

Thank you for looking at my fish pictures.  All large mouth bass are catch & release!

*Licensed by Arizona Game & Fish, insured, & operating under special use permit with Tonto National Forest.

**All images are copyrighted by Christina Boggs and cannot be used or reproduced without express written consent.   All rights reserved 2018

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