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These smiles are real!  I've been teaching people to fish for almost 30 years and am now in my fifth year as a guide.  My clients' experience levels range from first timers to experienced fishermen who have never fished off a kayak and I've now even guided a fellow kayak fishing guide from Pennsylvania who gave me an outstanding review!  My goal is to create a fun-filled day and to encourage future growth in the outdoors.   Please read below for client testimonials and if you scroll to the bottom I've recently added some youth and women anglers I've had the pleasure of fishing with over the last few years! 

"Christina knows how to fish!  A friend and I had spent several days fishing for bass with nothing to show for it.  We responded to an ad for a day of guided bass fishing with Christina Boggs.  Best decision ever.  She is knowledgeable and professional.  We each caught several fish that day and learned about lures and the proper techniques to catch the big ones.  Christina provided the kayaks, all the best fishing gear and even lunch.  We have been catching fish ever since.  I grew up trout fishing, but bass fishing is completely different.  Once you experience the size and the fight of largemouth bass, you’re hooked."  Rick S. (AZ)  

"Thank you so much Christina for the amazing kayak fishing trip!  I never thought I would catch nine bass on my first trip!" - Rafael ( AZ)

"My son and I hired Christina Boggs as a guide in April 2017. We went kayaking, fishing, hiking and exploring. It was the most amazing day we can remember! Christina gave us an in depth tour of the area and she took us to many different sites to explore. She is very knowledgeable and obviously loves what she does. Christina is very concerned about safety as well. Christina kept us busy with conversation and I look forward to the next time with her. Great way to spend a day in Arizona." - Dave R. (Ohio)
"Seems that only after the hard work is done on a trip and you find yourself back home do you realize how great a trip or adventure was.  Well, this is the day after and no exception.  I spent yesterday with an amazing person on the water searching for largemouth bass.  I found myself in Phoenix working and ran across an ad for an outfitted fishing trip.  I contacted Christina and she had an opening, and I went for it.  I fish a lot so for me the interest was the kayaks we would use, I’m interested in fishing this way and wanted to give it a try.  It was one of the hottest days of the year around 120 so I was hoping she would be prepared.  Christina was very well prepared, everything was in great working order, the supplies were just right, which is a challenge considering small storage on a kayak.  It was amazing how well she knew the fishery and the techniques that would work.  I learned some new systems and facts about bass.  Christina gave me an education on how to get started fishing from a kayak and that was my goal for the day.  We caught about 10 bass, including a very nice 6.3 pounds and 3 pound bass.  The day was enjoyable and Christina made me feel like an old friend.  I would very much recommend this experience, You won’t be sorry..:  – Bill M., AZ

"The pictures are really good! We love them!   We had so much fun fishing yesterday. You do a great job as a guide. We will recommend you to all our friends. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable fishing trip. We really loved it!" - Christine (Utah)

"Thank you Christina your knowledge as a guide is impressive, with your passion for your job and the integrity that you have, the sky is the limit!! "- Keith (Mesa, AZ)

"I just spent 5 days at lake Powell.  One day I caught 7 bass.  I used all the things you showed me and I did it!  Finally caught 'em.  Another day I caught 3!" - Angie (Wickenburg, AZ)

"I saw Christina’s ad and could not believe all the big bass she’s caught.  I booked a kayak fishing trip, although I had never been in one.  She was very thorough teaching me how to use the kayak and how to properly fish out of one without going swimming.  I’m a conventional bass fisherman and wanted to try my own lures that I make (swim baits, under spinners, grubs, etc.) and she showed me her fishing techniques because she catches big fish.  She knows how to fish and I will use her again in the future.  I highly recommend her services.  She is very professional and accommodating to all kinds of clientele from young children to men to women fisher people.  She knows her stuff"  – Robert M. (AZ) - Lure Maker Custom Baits

"Christina was very professional and very hard working to making sure you had fun and were safe. She knows where the big fish are. Enjoyed my time I went with her and look forward to the next cast with her." - Steve L.

Christina is a fantastic guide!  It was my first time fishing from a kayak, and she was very patient with me while I figured out where to put everything without falling in!  She taught me a new way to cast and she even got out of her kayak once to hold me in place and keep me from drifting away while I worked on the new technique she showed me!  Incredibly knowledgeable about the entire life cycle of the river, when and where to see different animals, and was very familiar with the whole stretch of the river we ran.  FANTASTIC day with a knowledgeable, friendly, laid back guide.  I will be recommending her to everyone I know!  Kayla (Surprise, AZ)

*Licensed by Arizona Game & Fish, insured, & operating under special use permit with Tonto National Forest.

**All images are copyrighted by Christina Boggs and cannot be used or reproduced without express written consent.   

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